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About us

Medigran specializes in providing high-tech medical equipment and consumables to medical facilities and research laboratories. 


  • Represents the world's leading manufacturers of medical and laboratory equipment in Ukraine
  • Owes the registration and certification of equipment in Ukraine
  • Independently delivers equipment to Ukraine
  • Is an authorized service center, service center specialists are all certified by companies and manufacturers and have considerable experience
  • Has a transport team that delivers equipment to all regions of Ukraine
  • Has a warehouse, where samples of equipment in all major trade direction
  • Conducts user equipment training in their own show room and training center

Our equipment can be used in each branch of the medical institution:

Laboratory equipment - microscopes for routine and research tasks, spectrophotometers, urine analyzers, sperm quality analyzers, biochemical, immune-enzyme, hematology analyzers;

Diagnostic equipment - ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, X-ray installation manual diagnostic tools;

Equipment for lithotripsy and shock wave therapy - a mobile apparatus for orthopedic treatment, cell lithotripter distance lithotripsy and shock-wave therapy;

Equipment for the preparation of medical gases - equipment for training and medical gases, horizontal and vertical panels, alarm systems, piping;

Emergency equipment - bags for manual ventilation, face masks, aspirators, defibrillator, immobilization and transportation facilities;

Tools training - mannequins and simulators for the testing of various medical and manipulative skills. 

In addition, Medigran offers a wide range of other equipment for the full acquisition of medical facilities.

We are always glad to meet you!

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